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Clothing CareUpdated 8 months ago

How do I wash my Dani Marie pieces?

Cherish your Dani Marie pieces and reduce your climate impact. By caring for our clothes, we can extend the life of each garment! When your garments last an extra nine months, it has the potential to reduce its carbon, water, and waste footprint by around 20-30%. Clean with care by doing the following:

  • Start with the basics - check the label and wash accordingly... it really is that simple but sadly often overlooked.
  • Treat your clothes like the beautiful creation they are - we are all time poor, but hand washing or using a delicate cycle will keep your clothes looking fresh!
  • Always use cold water, not only vastly reducing the amount of energy in washing, but it also protects the garment from shrinkage and unwanted extra wear and tear.
  • Use liquid detergents, microplastics is a huge issue and studies have shown that using liquid as opposed to powder is kinder on fabrics and therefore fabrics shed less.

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