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My discount code isn't working

Have a discount code that's not working when entering at checkout? Here's a few troubleshooting tips: 

  • Is your code still valid? Some discount codes have expiry dates, so it's always worth checking where you got the code from to see if it's still valid when trying to check out.
  • Are you inputting the code correctly? Codes may be case sensitive so it's worth double checking if your code is UPPERCASE or lowercase.
  • Is that a '0' or an 'O'? As easy as it sounds, this can be a difficult one to spot! Check your code for the correct use of letters and numbers. 
  • Are you logged in on your Dani Marie Account? Codes may be linked to your email address. If we've sent you a discount code via email, you may need to be logged in to our website using the same email address to be able to redeem your code.

If you're still having trouble using a discount code, send us a message and one of our assistants will do their best to help. We're unable to apply a discount to an order that's already been placed.

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